Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil

Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil

One of our favourite essential oils with so many benefits is grapefruit essential oil. Even though citrus aromas are one of the most recognisable smells.... you might normally associate the scent with either orange or lemon oil. The signature smell from grapefruit essential oil in an aroma diffuser also provides a delicious citrus aroma with a number of health benefits associated with many essential oils.

1. May Control Appetite

Grapefruit oil can be extremely helpful if you need to eat less and lose weight as it encourages weight management through decreasing your appetite.

2. May Give Your Immune System a Boost

Grapefruit oil is rich in antioxidants primarily Vitamin C. Vitamin C alongside other antioxidants found in grapefruit oil boost our immune system and fights free radicals while protecting our body from other harmful oxidants and toxins. Grapefruit essential oil can help protect the body against premature ageing, nervous disorders, mental and physical sluggishness, loss of vision and other related problems.

3. May Eliminate & Prevent Infection

Grapefruit oil makes a great disinfectant due to its antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Infections of the urinary system, kidneys, colon, stomach and intestines are some of the infections grapefruit oil has proven to be effective in treating as well as all conditions of the skin.

4. May Inhibit Microbial Infections

Used as an antiseptic, grapefruit essential oil prevents wounds from developing tetanus or becoming septic. Application on cuts, acne, wounds and cruises also provides protection from microbial infections. It also has a lot of cleaning properties for surfaces.

5. May Stimulate Hormone Secretion

Grapefruit essential oil stimulates the mind and body.  By stimulating the nervous system you will also notice positive affects in being more active and alert. Because the grapefruit oil stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and bile in the stomach, the digestive system also benefits. It can also encourage the movement of ingested food through the intestines.

6. May Help Relieve Depression 

Citrus oils have an uplifting effect on the mind not only due to its incredible aroma but due to the stimulating effects on certain hormones that lead to uplifting effects on the brain. Grapefruit essential oil relieves anxiety and stress, induces positive feelings of hope and helps cure depression.

7. May Help Promote Urination

Grapefruit essential oil encourages urination therefore aids in the removal of excess water, fats, sodium, uric acid and other toxins. The diuretic properties of grapefruit oil will keep you feeling light and also help reduce blood pressure to keep your heart healthy.

Something we always stress is essential oils are safely used in low doses and should be used with care. We always suggest consulting your family doctor regarding use of our essential oils around babies and pregnancy and suggest contacting your local vet if you are considering using around pets especially cats and dogs as some oils can be toxic. 
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About the author

Shannon Willoughby is the founder of Aromarrr NZ, holds a commercial pilots license and is a former World Champion NZ Black Fern (women's rugby). Suffering a stroke at the age of only 32, Shannon beat the odds and not only returned to rugby but received her aviation medical back after being told she would never fly again. After the stroke, Shannon turned to aromatherapy to help sleep which led her to discover the amazing results of aromatherapy diffusers and essential oils. Shannon has since been certified in using essential oils for natural living. A 2017 IWF Global Women Athlete's Business Network member, Shannon was one of only 25 female athletes selected worldwide.
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