About Us

Hey 👋👋 I'm Shannon.... the founder of #Aromarrr - rest, relax and recover with Aromatherapy 💗

Born and raised in New Zealand, I first started using Aromatherapy Diffusers and Essential Oils when I suffered a stroke at the age of only 32. 💊💉

I was a former World Champion Rugby player with the NZ Black Ferns and had only recently qualified as a Flying Instructor so the Stroke came absolutely out of the blue and hit me hard! I started looking into alternative medicines and found I not only LOVED the smells the aroma diffuser produced but it also made a difference in my mood, helped reduce my stress/anxiety and really improved my sleeping (thank goodness!). 😴

I began to get worried about the different Essential Oils I was using and wondered where and how they were produced. Now.... knowing the oils are crafted in New Zealand I no longer need to worry.  🇳🇿👌

If you've ever wanted to experience aromatherapy in your home or office and want to not only support a NZ Based business but buy essential oils which have been blended in NZ, we thank you for supporting our small business. 🙏

Please contact me if you have any questions🤔
021 042 7420

Thank you for visiting my website - rest, relax and recover with Aromatherapy xox
Shannon 😘
PS - YES I got my aviation medical back and YES I started playing rugby again 💪
Shannon Aromarrr NZ Aromatherapy