13 Incredible Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

13 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Most people use 100 percent lavender oil as a welcoming fragrance in their home or to relax the mind. A bonus of this is that there are many health advantages and benefits of using lavender oil. Look no further than Lavender if you're searching for the gold standard in aromatherapy oils. The advantages include eliminating nervous stress, pain relief, scalp and skin disinfection, increased blood circulation, and respiratory difficulties treatment.

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Lavender oil originates from steam distilled lavender flowers. These aromatic flowers have been popular for centuries and have long been used in the perfume industry to make potpourri. More recently, lavender essential oil has been top-rated in aromatherapy for therapeutic health benefits.

Lavender Oil is complimentary to many other essential oils and is used in various forms, including aromatherapy oils, used in essential oil diffusers, gels, infusions, lotions, sprays and soaps.

Uses and Health Benefits

Lavender essential oil has many uses and is a popular oil for radiant skin. Here are some of the ways and health effects in which lavender oil can be used to attain good health.

  • Reduces nervous tension
  • Improves sleep
  • Insect Repellant
  • Relieves pain
  • Treats acne
  • Improves scalp and skin condition
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Treats respiratory problems
  • Reduces the appearance of scars
  • Reduces anxiety levels in children
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Boosts immunity system functioning
  • Prevents fungal infections

Reduces nervous tension

Lavender Oil has a calming aroma, making it an excellent remedy for stress, anxiety and nervous tension. The relaxing scent relieves nervous exhaustion, anxiety symptoms and generalised anxiety disorder while giving a boost to mental activity. It has also been proven to reduce emotional stress, treat headaches and migraines, and prevent depression in people with anxiety.

Improves sleep

Lavender essential oil improves sleep by acting as a sedative and is an alternative treatment for insomnia. It helps to release muscle tension, induce relaxation, improve blood circulation and relieve pain. Better sleep leaves you fresh, rejuvenated and energised for the next day's tasks.

Lavender is often used to improve your quality and duration of sleep. To enhance sleep, some people massage lavender on their temples, behind their ears, under their noses, or on the bottoms of their feet.

A research study showed an improvement in sleep regularity and duration in elderly patients when lavender essential oil placed on pillows replaces their regular sleep medication.

Improvement in sleep quality and duration

Insect repellant

For many types of bugs and insects, lavender essential oil aroma is potent. Apply some lavender oil on the exposed skin to prevent irritating bites from bugs like mosquitoes and midges. Lavender essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties so if insects bite you, lavender oil will reduce irritation and itch. Mosquitoes are repelled by oil extracted from the flowers, but the plant itself may repel unwanted insects.

Bites from insects produce redness, itching, and discomfort. They may sometimes become infected. Lavender oil protects against infection and inflammation, which are common causes of insect stings. It also helps to reduce pain naturally.

To use lavender oil to cure an insect bite, combine one or two drops with a carrier oil, such as coconut or almond oil. Place the paste on your bite two or three times a day, if necessary. If the pain stings, try using peppermint oil as a numbing agent.

Relieves pain

Lavender has been used to treat joint and muscular discomfort for centuries. It is beneficial in the treatment of pain since it promotes anti-inflammatory and relaxing activity.

Lavender essential oil has been a popular choice for relief from pain such as aches, sprains, sore and tense muscles. Using lavender oil in a deep tissue massage can provide this relief.

A postoperative pain relief study showed a significant reduction in pain experienced when lavender essential oil vapour was combined with oxygen after major surgery.

Treats acne and eczema

Lavender essential oil is one of the most beneficial acne treatments, according to dermatologists and aromatherapists. Acne-prone skin primarily affects young people as they move through puberty, but some adults also suffer skin irritation. Lavender essential oil inhibits bacteria that start the infection, aids in hormonal regulation of excessive sebum production, and can help with scarring symptoms as the acne heals. Adding a small amount of lavender to skin creams or ointments can significantly improve skin conditions and encourage healing.

To treat eczema, lavender oil is commonly added to chamomile. It is frequently used to accelerate the healing process of minor wounds and sunburn as it promotes scar tissue formation and improves dry skin.

Treatment of acne and eczema

Improves scalp and skin condition

Lavender essential oil is helpful in preventing scalp inflammation and dryness and improving hair health. A reduction in inflammation where lavender oil was used on ulcers and skin inflammations in a 2012 study saw the healing process sped up.

It has also been a very effective treatment for lice and nits. Alopecia, an autoimmune disease where patients suffer hair loss, has seen lavender essential oil improve symptoms. 40% of Alopecia patients saw hair growth increase in a Scottish study when lavender oil was rubbed onto their scalp.

Enhances blood circulation

Research has shown that using aromatherapy through lavender essential oil has improved the circulation of blood throughout the body. It also helps reduce blood pressure and is frequently used for high blood pressure. The body's oxygenation levels will improve, a boost in brain activity will be noticeable promoting health and muscle strength, skin will remain luminous with increased blood and the risks of heart attack and stroke often associated with poor blood circulation is greatly reduced.

Treats respiratory problems

Lavender oil is popular in treating several respiratory illnesses. These include cough, cold, bronchitis, whooping cough, throat infection and tonsillitis. The stimulating properties of lavender essential oil may also help loosen up the phlegm and alleviate congestion caused by respiratory illnesses. Lavender essential oil's vapour has antibacterial properties, which can help with respiratory tract infections. The oil is either used in a diffuser in vapour inhaled or is applied directly to the neck, chest, and back. It is also added to many vaporisers and inhalers that are commonly used for cold and cough.

Reduces the appearance of scars

Lavender essential oil may aid in scar reduction by promoting cellular and tissue development. It has antibacterial, antioxidant, and antiseptic attributes. Lavender oils have been found to have healing abilities and may be used as a natural treatment to aid in the repair of damaged skin tissues, according to 2016 research.

To treat minor wounds with lavender oil, combine three to four drops of lavender oil with a few drops of coconut or almond oil. Apply a cotton ball to your wound with the mixture. Lavender oil can help reduce scars if your injury has healed already.

Reduces anxiety levels in children

We all know how pleasant it is to receive a pleasant smell, whether it's the scent of a flower or a meal, or one that we recall with fondness. There are a variety of theories as to how aromatherapy works, although some believe that by stimulating specific smell receptors in the nose, it causes the brain to communicate with areas of the nervous system that impact mood and other symptoms.

So, what can aromatherapy do for your kid? Aromatherapy may help to relieve anxiety and tension, nausea and discomfort, and promote a good night's sleep in children. Oil of lavender has a long history of use in medicine, and it is both beautiful and fragrant. The plant is highly regarded for its potential to treat anxiety disorders. Lavender has the ability to influence the body's fight-or-flight response, which can help people relax and feel calm. It is more than simply a method for inducing a tranquil frame of mind; it may also be used to treat anxiety by affecting the fight-or-flight mechanism.

Promotes hair growth

Lavender essential oil has recently been studied for its ability to promote hair growth. According to a 2016 research, lavender oil applied to mice led to thicker hair growth and grew faster than usual. Lavender was shown to improve hair growth by up to 44 percent according to research from 1998. 

Adding lavender oil to your shampoo is the easiest way to encourage hair growth. Wash your hair with 2-3 drops of lavender oil in your regular shampoo. Massage into your scalp for one minute.

Boosts immunity

Regular use of lavender essential oil may provide resistance to a variety of diseases. Lavender has antibacterial and antiviral qualities that make it perfect for defending the body against rare diseases like TB, typhoid, and Diptheria, according to early research in the 20th century.

Prevents fungal infections

Lavender oil has been found to be both inexpensive and effective in treating human severe fungal-resistant infections of the skin, hair, and nails.

Essential oils have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, and fungicidal effects. Some can even stimulate the growth of new cells. These properties work together to combat fungal infections on your skin.

Lavender essential oil has many benefits like reducing nervous tension, improving sleep, killing insects, relieving pain, treating acne, improving scalp and skin condition and treating respiratory problems. Lavender oil also aids in hair growth and prevents fungal infection.

For optimal results, blend 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil with six tablespoons of carrier oil like almond or olive oil. Apply the mixture one drop at a time on your pressure points and massage it in slowly for five minutes. For diffusing lavender oil, add 3-5 drops to your oil diffuser filled with water and turn on, sit back and relax.

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NB: We always stress that essential oils are safely used in low doses and should be used with care. We always suggest consulting your family doctor regarding the use of our essential oils around babies and pregnancy. We suggest contacting your local vet if you consider using around pets, especially cats and dogs, as some oils can be toxic.

About the author

Shannon Willoughby is the founder of Aromarrr NZ, holds a commercial pilots license and is a former World Champion NZ Black Fern (women's rugby). Suffering a stroke at the age of only 32, Shannon beat the odds and not only returned to rugby but received her aviation medical back after being told she would never fly again. After the stroke, Shannon turned to aromatherapy to help sleep which led her to discover the amazing results of aromatherapy diffusers and essential oils. Shannon has since been certified in using essential oils for natural living. A 2017 IWF Global Women Athlete's Business Network member, Shannon was one of only 25 female athletes selected worldwide.
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