Sleep Essential Oil Blend - Sleepy Me

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Sleep Essential Oil Blend - Sleepy Me

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Use this incredible sleep essential oil blend and your powerful sense of smell to sleep like a baby every night. Wake up a completely different person after a great nights sleep! Thanks to the unique aromatherapy oil blend, it is so natural; you won't even know it's there.

Sleep is crucial for your health and wellness. This essential oil blend for better sleep is naturally powerful. It will aid you in sleeping for more extended periods, so you wake up refreshed and have more energy to tackle your daily tasks.

Use two or three drops in your diffuser before going to bed for an easy and effective way of treating any sleep issues. The smell of the sleep essential oil blend will ease any worries, stress or anxiety while creating a relaxing environment for a night of deep sleep.

Wake up feeling completely refreshed with this essential oil for sleep - a perfect blend of lavender, orange, ylang-ylang, and sandalwood essential oils.

"This blend is super soothing and relaxing, I feel an instant calm as soon as the fragrance hits me! If you struggle to relax yourself before bed I would highly recommend trying this oil." Kasey J. Morrinsville, NZ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Benefits may include

  • Natural sleep aid
  • Improvement in sleep quality
  • Alleviate snoring
  • Calm the mind
  • Provide relief from insomnia
  • Creates a relaxing environment
  • Reduced stress and anxiety

How to use our sleep essential oil blend

Aromatherapy diffuser oil: 2 - 3 drops per 100ml water to an aroma diffuser
Facial steam: 1-2 drops to steaming water, place a towel over your head and the steam water, and breathe deeply
Bath: 5 - 10 drops to bath water and mix well
Skin: 5 drops of essential oil to 30ml carrier oil and massage onto skin
Also used in homemade skincare, potpourri, soaps, household cleaners, and candle supplies.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee
14 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee & 12 Month Warranty.
We stand by the quality of our diffusers and essential oils and will replace faulty products for up to 12 months after purchase.

Aromarrr NZ - Proudly New Zealand Owned and Operated.
Based in Auckland
NB: Our Essential Oils Are Intended For External Use Only
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Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews

Recommend this product I use it on the pillow.


Meant to be used in a diffuser however a few drops on the pillow did the trick for me. Better breathing and straight to sleep. I recommend this product.


It didn't last too long. the scent was gone by 3 nights.

Caitlynn W.

Only been a couple days but absolutely love the scent and it seems to be helping with sleep. Thank you 😊

Maureen C.
Great products

We use the cold & flu on a regular basis for the grandchildren. Always great for helping to relieve seasonal sniffles. Fantastic products. Highly recommend.

Bev M.
Pleasant fragrance

Effective oil for helping nod off to sleep. I put a few drops on the pillow near my face, breathe it in and soon I'm off to sleep.

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