How to Use Essential Oils

How to Use Essential Oils

Different Ways to Use Essential Oils

The chance that you have ever heard of essential oils and not used them is probably high but you still wonder whether you should. Some people are fond of using them that they wouldn’t want a day to go by without them because it is somewhat a ritual. It wouldn’t be a surprise to find such people with a collection of essential oils from peppermint to lavender oil, to frankincense and eucalyptus. If you plan to venture into using essential oils, you must know that the ones you choose depend on the purpose, for example, mood elevation and stress relief. Research and understand the pros and cons of essential oils before using them; after all, it doesn’t hurt to be in the know anyway. Also, inquire from friends and family; such information would be essential to your decision. Do not worry if you don’t know where to start, read on to find out more about essential oils.


Once you start using essential oils, you will never look back. If you love travelling and lack a diffuser, you can inhale directly from the bottle or rub some on your palms and breathe it in. You may also pour a few drops on your handkerchief and use it as you go about your day. Alternatively, you can create an inhaler or, better yet, an aromatherapy necklace to smell your favourite essential oil whenever and wherever, 24/7.


Put steaming water in a bowl and add drops of the essential oil of your choice. From there, place a towel over your head, and lean towards the bowl. Double check that the towel is covering the bowl and no cold air can come in. Take deep breaths and ensure that you close your eyes as this method is direct and may sting your eyes. If you have respiratory issues, this method will be of great help, especially when diffusing with eucalyptus oil. Note that steaming is not recommended for children below seven years; however, if yours are older, ensure that they wear swimming goggles for eye protection.


If you have been looking for the ultimate way to kick start your day, diffusing oils is an excellent way, and you should give it a try. Besides that, you could do it throughout the day and night to enhance your workflow and relax, respectively. This is one of the most renowned methods whereby essential oils are placed in a aroma diffuser with either heat to evaporate or water, although not all the time. You will, however, be required to purchase a diffuser or make a simple reed diffuser. If you love staying in a surrounding that is smelling great, this method is the one for you as it freshens the aroma in the room. Please do not directly burn essential oils as their chemical structure can change.


You put a few drops of your preferred essential oil in a water-based solution. Afterwards, shake it thoroughly and spray it in the air to set a mood or make the room smell great. You can use citrus or pine oils to bring you into the holiday spirit. If you are a yogi, you can incorporate this method in cleaning your yoga mat. Ensure that you choose your favourite essential oil to make it worthwhile.

Dry Evaporation

Ensure you have cotton balls or tissue paper because you will soak the essential oil into either and let it evaporate. In addition to that, if you feel like the smell is not intense, you can choose to sniff the cotton ball. For those who want a mild yet constant exposure, they could keep the cotton ball or tissue with them, for example, on the table or kitchen bench.


This is excellent for people who are into self-care and treasure taking baths. The latter is certainly the best way to end a rough day, and incorporating essential oils takes it up a notch. You can add a ratio of 2 to 5 drops of essential oil to a tablespoon of the carrier oil of your choice. Also, a bonus addition for relaxation and recovery is to add Epsom salts. If you have sensitive skin, avoid using oregano and cassia in baths with essential oils as they may irritate you.


Massage parlours use essential oils; however, if you feel like you want to carry yours to the next session, feel free to do so as this will elevate your experience. Many people are fond of being massaged that the idea of massaging themselves would feel awkward and boring. However, it isn’t; if anything, it releases tension and enhances blood circulation in the body. Also, it may help with cellulite! If you are a firm believer in self-care, you won’t regret incorporating this into your routine. Start by making your massage oil: add 15 to 20 drops of essential oil to a half cup of carrier oil.


To use essential oils topically, you always have to mix them with carrier oils. Note that the most common places to apply them are the temple, under the feet, chest, and pulse points. It would be best to only move to other parts of the body once you have mastered the previously mentioned places. Ensure the essential oils you use align with certain aches, pains, and ailments. You can create formulations that meet your needs or mix 5-10 drops of essential oil with an ounce of carrier oil like olive oil. Ensure you always take precautions as they may not be fit for topical use, and you shouldn’t risk it. Keep in mind that essential oils, even those rendered topically safe, should not be used in or close to your eyes, nose, or ear canal. Also, always keep them out of reach of children.

Different Essential Oils and Their Purpose

If you have anxiety and stress, valerian, cedarwood, bergamot, lavender, orange, and lemon essential oils are the best for you. For skin-care purposes, ylang-ylang, rosehip, tea tree, and frankincense oils are some of the options you could choose from. Do you need a pick-me-up? Peppermint and lemon oil are your long-lost solution. Is your immune system deteriorating? Use eucalyptus, cinnamon, lavender, and thyme essential oils to give it a boost. For cleaning purposes or rather taking it an upper notch, incorporate pine and lemon oils; you will certainly not regret it. There are so many essential oils in the market today so ensure you do alot of research to find the best with the best benefits suited personally to you!

The points above show how you can use essential oils. You certainly don’t want to miss out on the benefits of essential oils! If you have doubts, you could reach out to an aromatherapist; they will confirm your doubts and break everything down for you. Also, do not conform to the misconceptions surrounding essential oils. Please ensure they are always used safely to avoid any skin damage. When you start using essential oils, do not go all out; after all, less is more. Start slow, and with time you can always add another drop. Avoid using essential oils on your eyes, in your ears, and nose. Also, take time figuring out the best way to use essential oils. Try each way if possible till you find the one that works for you.

About the author

Shannon Willoughby is the founder of Aromarrr NZ, holds a commercial pilots license and is a former World Champion NZ Black Fern (women's rugby). Suffering a stroke at the age of only 32, Shannon beat the odds and not only returned to rugby but received her aviation medical back after being told she would never fly again. After the stroke, Shannon turned to aromatherapy to help sleep which led her to discover the amazing results of aromatherapy diffusers and essential oils. Shannon has since been certified in using essential oils for natural living. A 2017 IWF Global Women Athlete's Business Network member, Shannon was one of only 25 female athletes selected worldwide.
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