10 Reasons Every Kiwi Needs an Essential Oil Diffuser NZ Right Now

10 Reasons Every Kiwi Needs an Essential Oil Diffuser NZ Right Now

Here at Aromarrr, we know first-hand the power of essential oils; our founder, Shannon, discovered their amazing benefits when she suffered a stroke at just 32. And through our online store, we've learned that when using a diffuser NZ customers experience an improvement in their general health and wellbeing.
We believe that every home and office should have an essential oil diffuser! Here's why:
  1. They're safer than scented candles
Burning candles and incense may be how Instagram stars relax, but they're not so safe for kids or pets. Fumes and flames mean they're bad for your health and hazardous to your home
  1. They're also cheaper!
Diffusers are so much more economical than throwaway candles. So you get long-term benefits and save money too. Win-win! You'll get top value from our aromatherapy diffuser NZ store, btw
  1. They help you wind down...
After a long, hard day (stressful meetings + whirlwind kids = headache from hell) you'll be glad of your essential oil diffuser NZ people! Chamomile or rose will help you keep calm and carry on
  1. ...And then help you drift off
Lavender, valerian and sweet orange essential oils help promote restful sleep. So if you're an insomniac, get these in your diffuser, ASAP
  1. They give your immunity a boost
Eucalyptus, clove and peppermint are all great for killing off airborne bacteria, supporting your respiratory system and fighting off the dreaded common cold
  1. They'll fine-tune your focus
Got brain-fog? Step away from the coffee machine and start up your diffuser! Rosemary and lemon help support cognitive function and energise your grey matter
  1. They're your emotional support network
Whether you've got the blues or you're seeing red, there's an essential oil for that. Banish negativity with grapefruit and chill the heck out with spruce
  1. They can harmonize your hormones!
Thyme, basil and clary sage have long been used when the hyper-hormones struggle is real
  1. They can eliminate snoring!
At last: a natural way to tackle your partner's noisy nose! Try marjoram, eucalyptus or lemon essential oils NZ sleep-seekers
  1. They keep bugs at bay
In case you missed the memo, citronella is the classic scent that buzzy, bitey critters hate

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Shannon Willoughby

Shannon Willoughby is the founder of Aromarrr NZ, holds a commercial pilots license and a former World Champion NZ Black Fern (women's rugby). Suffering a stroke at the age of only 32, Shannon beat the odds and not only returned to rugby but received her aviation medical back after being told she would never fly again. After the stroke, Shannon turned to aromatherapy to help sleep which led her to discover the amazing results of aromatherapy diffusers and essential oils. Shannon has since been certified in using essential oils for natural living. A 2017 IWF Global Women Athlete's Business Network member, Shannon is now part of the IWF NZ Founding Committee.

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